Leaving Paradise (Leaving Paradise, #1) - Simone Elkeles AAGGGH!!! I had this really long ranting review about this and then it got deleted. *EXPLODES* Well now I have to write the whole thing all over again, and now that I am in a bad mood it will probably be twice as long and twice as angry, so brace yourself. Okay, so my first impression of this book was … bad. I flip open to the dedication, and it reads something along the lines of, "To Brent: who brightens my day just by looking at him" ....... *long pause* .... like, seriously? SERIOUSLY?! GAAHH THAT IS LIKE A SIXTH GRADE (OR PROBABLY YOUNGER) GRAMMAR MISTAKE!!!! Really, first of all, you'd either have to be high or not fluent in English in order to write that, and then look at it and read it and say to yourself, "Yup, that looks right!" And then your editor would also have to be high and non-English-speaking to look at that and say the same thing. I mean, IT'S THE FREAKING DEDICATION AND THEY COULDN'T EVEN BOTHER TO USE PROPER GRAMMAR IN THE DEDICATION … ???!!! THIS IS INTOLERABLY BAD!!! WHAT HAS THE WORLD COME TO?!Well, that about shows how much thought went into the writing/editing here. Unsurprisingly, the writing was pretty dry, repetitive, and contained several cringe-worthy typos (like confusing "to" with "too", etc. *headwall*) So it was one of those books where I was just skimming over the writing because it was ugly and made my brain hurt. Then there was the story itself. Well, I give it props for having an interesting premise, but the problem with it was, it wasn't very believable. So, the idea is that there's this girl and guy who like each other, ladida. Then BOOM the guy hits the girl with a truck one night when he's drunk driving and then zooms off into the night leaving her to die in the road. Except, she doesn't die, but her leg is screwed up for life, and the guy has to go to jail for a year.So the conflict is that when the guy gets out of jail, the two of them still like each other for God knows what reason––since neither of them is a very interesting character to begin with, guy-almost-killing-girl problem aside … And of course the girl's friends/family are all like "NOOOOooo BAD BAD BAD" and so it's all forbidden romance-y.Except, I have problems with this. I don't know a lot about legal stuff, so maybe I'm wrong, but wouldn't the girl have a restraining order or something? I mean, they're also neighbors if I haven't mentioned that already. I don't know … something seemed off about the whole thing. Like, he gets out of jail and then they just see each other outside and the guy's like "This is awkward." Errrr. Well, moving on.The other thing I don't get is, how could you be in love with someone when they not only hit you with a truck but then DROVE AWAY?! And his excuse is something like "I didn't know what to do, I was scared!" *siiigh* I guess this can happen in real life … I'm just saying, if it were me, I'd be like "STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM ME!" Like, I don't see how you could look that person in the face and say to yourself "Hey, that person hit me with a truck and left me dying in the street!" and still love them … ? But … okay.Now, my following complaints have some spoilers in them, so if you really care then stop reading now. :POkay, plot twist: the guy didn't really hit the girl. It was his car, but he was letting his younger sister drive drunk, and it was his sister who hit the girl and then he took the blame and went to jail for it. OOH HOW VERY GREAT GATSBY OF HIM. Except, not the part where he gets shot. But, whatever. Now, okay, I didn't see the plot twist coming. And at first I was like "Hmmm … That's interesting." But then, the guy never told the girl the truth about what happened. So she still THINKS he hit her. And then it sort of seems to defeat the purpose. Like, even though I didn't really believe the premise, I thought it was at least original––like okay, girl falls in love with drunk driver who ruined her life. But then in the end, that wasn't even what happened, so it was sort of disappointing. Then, there was the ending. That's the thing, there wasn't really an ending. I mean, I know there's a sequel, but pssshhh I am not going to read it. So, it just made me mad. Because the guy just … leaves at the end, for no particular reason. THE END! He leaves with this random hispanic guy named Rio, whose only line is "Yo amigo are you ready to vámonos?"The Spanish geek in me must speak up now. And because I've already pretty much trashed this book I might as well pick apart the HORRIBLE HORRIBLE SPANISH GRAMMAR. So "vámonos" is in the imperative tense, so technically it's a command but there's not really an English equivalent but it's usually translated as "let's go". So "Are you ready to vámonos?" would mean "Are you ready to let's go?" And how could someone supposedly fluent in Spanish make such a glaring grammar error?! GAAAHHH. Okay, so I'm done nitpicking this book because I have better things to do and better things to read (and write). So, HA! Alrighty, so over all I liked the book okay, and it was a fast and relatively entertaining read, it just wasn't very … good.