Stormbreaker  - Anthony Horowitz Not bad. It was pretty much exactly what I expected to be: one of those cool adventure stories intended to hook reluctant tweenage boy readers. And although I am not a reluctant tweenage boy reader, I still found it entertaining. Is this book a deep exploration of human nature and the meaning of life? No. But sometimes it's a relief when all of that is thrown aside, and one can just read something that makes them feel pleasantly stupid. What matters is that this book wasn't intended to be intellectual; it was intended to be fun, and that's all that it was. The usual stuff: explosions, people trying to shoot each other/cut each other in half, parachutes, weapons, futuristic technology, giant killer jellyfish--you name it. The whole thing is pretty cliché, and the whole "evil plot" is pretty dumb. ("I was bullied as a child and now I'm a bitter old man! Now I'm going to create an evil computer to give all the little English schoolchildren smallpox! HEE HEE HEE!") But other than those few parts that made me roll my eyes, it was an entertaining read.