Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy - Ally Carter Well, it wasn't bad. But I was a little disappointed. I thought the first one was really great; it was clever, funny, so on. I liked the idea of some girl using all her awesome spy skills just to find out if some guy likes her. Funny! But the second one ... Nothing really happened. Except "Oh, guess what? There's a spy school for boys too! Yay!" So okay. That's pretty cool. But Zach is kinda a lame replacement for Josh, and I didn't really like him. Plus, the end was really stupid. "Oh, this isn't a REAL spy mission! It was a test all along! HAHA! FOOLED YA!" I mean come on. Can't they all go on some REAL spy mission for once? The whole "it was all a test" thing is getting kinda predictable. Anyway, I'm assuming there's a third one? Or going to be? I don't know. I'll probably read it, but my expectations aren't extremely high.