You Don't Know Me - David Klass Um. Don't really know what to say, cuz I'm not sure what I just read ... It's one of those books that the author decided to write in a really weird way just to annoy the crap out of whoever was reading it. It wasn't BAD, really. The writing style was interesting, but it didn't really take the story anywhere. If you took the fancy writing away, there really wasn't a plot at all.What was really obnoxious was the dialogue. I mean, come ON -- these kids are all in like eighth grade, and they all talk like they're sophisticated 30-year-olds. The main character in particular both talked and narrated like an adult. It was annoying.I mean, there was this scene in particular when he was talking on the phone with his friend, and he was literally like, "As much as I would love to further discuss this, my dear friend, I must now go on a date with the girl you like."And his friend's like, "I WILL ANNIHILATE YOU, YOU FOOL!!!"Who TALKS like that? Oh yeah. NOBODY!So basically, I didn't really like it. I didn't HATE it, but ... idk. It was kinda stupid.