Raven Rise - D.J. MacHale Okay ... I had to process this for, like, a day before I could come up with a review. My first reaction was like, O_o !!!!!! WTH??? But now that I've thought it over ... It wasn't so bad. It was definitely not my favorite of the series, but it wasn't horrendous. I just have a few issues with it.First of all, it started off kinda slow. I mean, Pendragon didn't even show up for the first a hundred pages. What was with that? It was just a hundred pages of people running around going "WHERE'S PENDRAGON?? WHERE'S PENDRAGON???" And I'm like *yaawwwn* Soooo when is this going to pick up? I didn't feel like it ever DID pick up, either. Sure, there were a few weird plot twists here and there, but ... idk. There wasn't a lot to it.Secondly, adding onto that, it was much too long. It was like, six hundred pages long, and only had about two or three hundred pages worth of plot. Bigger isn't better, DJ MacHale!!! The structure of the plot and the writing seems to have gotten much more careless as the series has continued. There are the paragraphs that are like two words long, and then the run-on paragraphs that are like an entire page long! Plus there are far too many careless typos in these books, which adds to my doubt on the editor's part. I mean, the author wrote "read" when he was supposed to write "red"! Sorry, but that's, like, horrendous editing. It made me wince. Literally.Third, I have some issues with character development. I feel like Pendragon appealed to me more when he was a wimpy little kid. Now he's all like "Ooh I'm so awesome. I'm going to yell at people and strangle people." Does he seem a little arrogant now, or is it just me? He just sorta annoys me, at this point. Courtney and Mark annoy me, too, but for a different reason. While Pendragon has matured a little too much, I feel like Courtney and Mark are just MORE immature than when the series started out. They haven't really changed so much; they still act like fourteen-year-olds. I kept forgetting that they're, like, eighteen now. AGh. Okay, actually like all of the characters annoy me. Except for Loor. She's awesome. But she was only on, like, the last page. And it was the best page in the entire book. Ga haha. ;D Yeah, I kinda want Pendragon to end up with Loor. Cuz Courtney is really annoying, and he never sees her anyway!!All right, I'm getting carried away with this. Moving on.Lastly, WHAT THE HELL WAS WITH THE ENDING??? ****spoiler coming up*****PENDRAGON DIED???? I'M SO CONFUSED!!! IT DIDN'T MAKE ANY FREAKING SENSE!!! I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HAPPENED!!! GAAAH I'M GOING TO HAVE AN ANEURISM OVER THIS!!!!Oh well. I guess I'll have to read the last book. Anybody know when it comes out??