Maximum Ride: Max - James Patterson Okay, I officially spent two hours of my life reading the fifth Maximum Ride installment. I was very disappointed by the fourth one in particular, and a little bit so by the third. So, I sat down with MAX with no expectations whatsoever, because I wasn't going to allow myself to be disappointed by it. That was a good idea, because it wasn't all that good. Was it horrible? No ... But it wasn't great. It was better than the fourth, but -- of course -- it was nowhere near being as good as the first. And I had several issues with it.First, let's get the bad stuff out of the way. Here are my questions/issues (a few spoilers may follow):a) I really hate the earthy-crunchy plot it's fallen into. First it was saving penguins, now it's fish. Whoop-dee-do. And really, the plot was just stupid. I mean, radioactive material under the sea kills fish and makes giant blob-monsters? Just ... weird. Plus, I'm confused about the whole thing. So, the Flock is meant to save the world, right? But from what, exactly? First I thought it was Itex, but then it seemed like they were supposed to save the world from global warming. Now, I have no idea. Max keeps talking about how there's supposed to be some apocalypse, but what is it??!! I'm losing patience!!!b) The whole Mr. Chu guy was really dumb, along with all his weird evil minions. I mean, they plant this illegal radioactive material under the ocean, and write on it "PROPERTY OF MR CHU" O.o ??? "Oh, yeah. I'll just LABEL this illegal material with my NAME because that's SMART." Sure ...c) There really wasn't a plot. Yes, there were many plot twists, but they were always presented and then solved within one chapter, so there was no point in them at all. What was the point of the robot that looked like Ari? What was the point of Nudge leaving the rest of the Flock? What was the point of ... any of it? A lot of the long-term issues still remain thrown aside and unsolved.d) Building off of that, what happened to: Max being able to fly really fast? Nudge being magnetic? Iggy being able to see white? Angel being able to shapeshift her head? None of these powers were mentioned anymore. Plus, we STILL don't know what the heck the Voice is. And the Voice only showed up a few times, anyway, to make stupid little comments.e) I. Miss. Ari. Enough said.Anyway, there was one thing I can give the book some props for: the Fax. My comment? THANK. GOD. It took you guys four books and nineteen chapters to make it official. Congrats.Seriously, if there was no development in the Max-Fang relationship, I would have thrown the book across the room and screamed my head off. I admit, it got a little TOO perfect and mushy-gushy, but at least it was something -- which is more than there's been in ... any of the books, really. So that was a huge relief. And they are disgustingly cute together, I must say. Awww.Chapter 19 = best chapter. I read it, like, three times in a row and laughed my head off hysterically. It was amazing. "I choose you, Max!!!" What, like, she's a Pokémon? Okaaaiiiii .... Whatever. The whole thing was so awesomely corny; it was the only thing that kept me reading.Over all, it was okay. I liked the Fax, which there was a lot of. It was sweet.Other than that, pretty stupid.Worth reading? Eh, not particularly. But not worth shredding, either.