The Hunger Games - Suzanne  Collins Liked it, didn't love it. I thought it started off good, but it lost impact as it went on. The premise was interesting, but there wasn't much justification behind it. It was like the author just wanted to write some book about a bunch of teenagers killing each other lord-of-the-flies style, but couldn't think of a good reason why the characters would be doing so. The explanation was really vague, like, "The government is forcing people to do this because they want to ... show their power ..." ??? Doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Also, after you read about a bunch of kids killing each other in horrible ways, it's just plain depressing. Then it gets boring and repetitive, after it keeps happening for like a hundred pages.I liked the emotional/romantic aspect of it. It was interesting. I thought it could've used a little more development, maybe, but it was cute.I guess my main issue with it was the plot, because it seemed to run out of plot about halfway through. It started falling into repetition ... and then the end was just WEIRD. *** spoiler **** and by that i mean the thing w/everyone turning into werewolves ... WTF was w/that??!! ***spoiler over****And, like, there's supposed to be a sequel? About what ... ? I mean, I guess there's a few details that could be worked out, but really it would've been better if they had been tied up in the end of the first book. Is the sequel worth reading? Yeah ... I guess I would read it, but I'm not waiting on pins and needle for it or anything.