The Lab - Jack Heath It was entertaining, mostly – not particularly engrossing or ... well ... smart, but something light and exciting to pass the time. I thought the plot showed some potential; it was creative, but a little Maximum Ride-esque, what w/"The Lab" being a lot like "The School", in that it combined humans with animals to enhance them. Also, the whole thing was just a string of action sequences; it didn't leave much room for character development. The main character's lack of imperfections made it sorta boring in a way. I mean, since he was just soooooo awesome and indestructible, it was like: "Well ... what can happen to him?" I know he was supposed to be arrogant, but it still bothered me. I could tell the author made some attempts to make him a more interesting character, but it seemed forced and it didn't really work.I was a little confused, too. It was one of those books that threw you right into the plot, and never bothered to back up and explain everything. I got the gist, but just a page or two on the background of this imaginary world would have been helpful.Anyway, it was okay. I liked it. If there's ever a sequel – which, judging by the cliffhanger ending, there's supposed to be – then I'll probably check it out, out of curiosity. Although I wasn't overly impressed by The Lab, I'm intrigued to see where the series leads. It might have some potential.