City of Bones - Cassandra Clare *third review: uhh what can i say? spectacular and amazing as always. since i first read this book, i have re-read the series three times and every time is just as thrilling and entertaining. ^_^ I know that a lot of people stop reading because of the end of the first book ... But trust me, if you are one of those people, keep reading!!! It may have been a risky plot twist on Cassandra Clare's part, but it's actually pretty brilliant, makes the series VERY interesting indeed. ;D lol. These books are amazing. My favorite series ever besides Percy Jackson. :]*second review!: Just re-read it, and OMG even better the second time! It's one of those books that I love more with every time I read it. Aaaahhh. ^_^ It's such an amazing series. The plot is compelling and intricate, and I love all the characters to death!! There's a lot of good character development throughout the series. :) Oh, and also they're absolutely hilarious. Jace makes me crack up. XD I'll be reading it at the kitchen table and I'll burst out laughing, and ... yeah, my whole family glares at me like I'm crazy, but I can't help it! Anyway, Mortal Instruments rox my sox. One of my fave series of ALL TIME!!!!