Company of Liars - Karen Maitland Heh heh ... I'm not exactly sure what to say. It was pretty "out there", but for the most part I liked it. There were some parts that just plain weirded me out, though.Okay, well, as for the plot, I found it very interesting and compelling. It was like, sort of historical fiction but a little bit of fantasy at the same time. It had that sort of mysterious, creepy, messed-up fairy tale kind of quality to it.I also really liked the characters. There were a lot of important characters, which is a risk. But the author managed to make each character unique and distinctive, which impresses me. Actually, the only character that didn't really stand out to me was the narrator, Camelot ... I think he got a little lost, in the middle of the rest of the characters. But everyone else was pretty cool.Towards the end it all started getting really bizarre and really dark – I tried to be accepting of most of the strange plot twists, but there were a couple that I was like "Ok, that's just TOO weird" or like "what ... ?" Like, the thing with Osmond and Adela ... ? WTF? I thought they were cute together until I found out ... heh heh. Never mind, don't want to give it away. The end was creepy. I'm totally afraid of Narigorm. I think I'll have nightmares ... O_o Well anyway – really good book. There were just a few things that were too over-the-top. But other than that, I liked it. :)