The Clan of the Cave Bear - Jean M. Auel Ummm ... interesting. I can't really think of another word to describe it. Haha. It was good, though, for the most part. It's one of those books that you pick up and you're like, "Cavepeople? WTF???" But then you read the first few pages and you're like "Huh ... this is kinda cool I guess." Mostly I read it because my mom is always talking about how it was like the Harry Potter/Twilight when she was my age, and telling me how trashy it was and blah blah. So I was like, "I have to read this."It was weirdly addicting. I can't say that anything really happened in it, but it held my attention. It was unique, and all the details made it seem more believable. Sometimes the writing fell into an annoying textbooky style – like, "Hey, look! I did RESEARCH!!! YEAHHH!!!" – but other than that, it flowed pretty well. And I liked Ayla, she was pretty cool. And her name is cool. :]I don't know if I'll read the sequels. I enjoyed reading this, but I can see how it might get boring after too many books. But we'll see.