Interview With The Vampire - Anne Rice I read it because I had watched the movie and found it rather enjoyable (heh heh …) and the book was pretty close to the movie. I liked that, unlike in most crappy YA vampire books these days, the vampires were actually violent and ate people and whatnot. The writing was also pretty decent, except a little rambling at times. I had an issue also that the whole thing was supposedly one big dialogue because – come on – nobody talks like that! Not even a vampire!I also found it unintentionally funny at parts … All the character relationships were rather strange. O_o I mean, Lestat seemed to have a thing for Louis, and then Louis and Armand seemed to have a thing for each other, and Louis and Claudia also seemed to have a thing for each other. … It kind of all weirded me out.But it was a good, entertaining story, if you're looking for something kinda shallow and mildly creepy to read.