Her Fearful Symmetry - Audrey Niffenegger I thought it was somewhat disappointing. I liked it, but I didn't find it nearly as compelling or as powerful as The Time-Traveler's Wife. Mostly the problem was that it dragged out for too long, to the point where it took away from the impact of the ending. I felt that it would have made a great short story, but as it was it seemed almost boring at points. I thought the ending was really good, but I was a little like, "But … Why did it have to take so long to happen?" I also had a problem with the narration. I felt like there were too many characters who didn't have a strong enough connection with each other … and the perspective kept switching randomly. I don't have a problem with alternating perspectives, but I don't like when it switches too often or in the middle of paragraphs, which was the case with this book. It weakened the character development and made it more difficult to follow and to decide which characters to sympathize with.But I did like the concept. Maybe more could have been done with it, but it had an interesting premise and nice plot twists. I love a good ghost story. I just wish that the whole thing had been shorter and more connected.