Tempted  - P.C. Cast, Kristin Cast Okay, I might spoil a few things here, so be warned.There are so many things I hate about these books. I hate Zoey, for starters. She is a terrible MC. I mean, you have books like Twilight getting all that crap about the MC being a bad influence, but come on … Zoey does next to nothing except walk around and let boys drool over her. I don't even understand why so many guys are obsessed with her, when she's such an annoying idiot! Sure she has all the magic power thingies, but even that's not all so impressive. It's like, she just magically calms people down … and like drives away evil spirits. I don't even know.So yeah, the boy drama also really gets on my nerves. I'm so glad that Erik is out of the picture, pretty much the only cool thing Zoey has ever done is break up with him. *Rolls eyes* I always thought he was a total asshat. Stark … Stark is cool. I liked him better in books 4 and 5, and now he's getting all arrogant and obnoxious. But he's the least annoying/asshole-ish of Zoey's bfs, soooo if I had to choose a team – Team Stark. Heath, I just hate. He's a stupid, annoying little puppy dog who has absolutely no life, whose world revolves around obsessing over Zoey. So in that way, he is essentially like a male Bella Swan. Heh heh, more on him later. *Evil grin* I must say, I do like Kalona in a twisted way. He just confuses me so much. On one hand, he is very very evil. On the other hand, he seems really hot … and he has a backstory. He's the only character in the book who comes close to actually being developed. Plus I love that thing he did at the very end … Heehee >:) But yeah, Zoey obviously isn't going to end up with him. Too bad.As for the other couples … It sort of ticks me off that Stevie Rae is now becoming like Zoey and has like three boyfriends, which is stupid because I don't even know what the significance of those boyfriends is. Like … Dallas, and … that other kid whose name I don't even remember. It's like, whatever, who cares? I hated how Zoey was like "Heehee, I hope Stevie Rae will have lots of boyfriends like me, and then everyone can start calling her a slut instead of me!" I mean, really? Yeah, that's a great friend right there. But anyway, I liked Raphaim. He seemed cool. Although I didn't really understand why he was pretending to help out those other vampyres trap Stevie Rae and then he was like "Nooo Stevie Rae it's a trap!" But then it's like … Well then why did you agree to be part of this plan, which involved you getting beaten nearly to death, just to tell Stevie Rae that it was a trap? It makes NO SENSE! So … Couples. Right. Damien and Jack are cute together, as always. I also like Aphrodite and Darius together. And yeah, I guess that's pretty much it.Ok, now to rant about the writing a bit. I ABSOLUTELY HATE HOW THESE BOOKS ARE WRITTEN! What I mostly hate is that the authors seem to think it's "cool" to write in text speech. Like, being all like "So my BFF Stevie Rae …" and "I heart you!" Really? *headdesk* And then Zoey being like, "I'm too pure to swear, teehee! BULLPOOPY!" I mean, helloooo? You're the one whose had FIVE BOYFRIENDS! USUALLY 3-4 SIMULTANEOUSLY! ARGH! YOU ARE NOT PURE, ZOEY REDBIRD! YOU CAN SAY "SHIT"! I'm sorry for the outburst. But really. It gets on my nerves. I also hate Zoey and her stupid "brown pop". What? Who says that?! Can't they just say "Coke"? Or is that, like, illegal? Could they at least say "soda"? GAAHHHhhh. And I hate the way they spell "vampire" like "vampyre". WTH? It doesn't make me think you guys are more original or anything, it just makes me think you can't spell. Also, the writing is so repetitive. They use the same description about 50 billion times. It came to the point where I would just scream in frustration every time I read about Kalona's "amber eyes" or – oh God – Stark's "cocky smile/grin". Just remembering it makes me shudder. If I ever see the word "cocky" again I will explode. IT'S CALLED A THESAURUS, PEOPLES! USE IT!As for the plot …Ahhh I don't know what to say. I'll just narrow it down, because I could rant about every stupid little plot twist but I won't.First off … Not so original, you guys. The High Vampyre Council? In ITALY? I believe I have heard this one before. It was this book called Twilight. And the ending – !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMIGOD!!! AKJF;AKDSJ;FKJS;DF!!!! Ok, well the ending actually did shock me. I'm still trying to comprehend. Heath … Heath is … DEAD?! *The sun comes out and the birds sing* YES!!! YES YES YESSSSS!!!! Well, this would be good for many reasons. First of all, it would end the boy drama for the most part. Erik has been eliminated because he is a jerkface. Kalona has been eliminated because he killed Heath and he's an evil jerkface also (but I love him for killing Heath. Wow, I am so mean!). Heath is eliminated because he is dead. So I guess that only leaves Stark. Yesssshhh! Thank goodness! Second of all, I just hate Heath. He always annoyed the crap out of me. Please let him stay dead forever. If he comes back from the dead somehow I will be majorly MAJORLY pissed off. Thirdly, these books could use some substance, like an actual death. Something that would actually make me feel slightly bad for the characters.So … In conclusion, I felt like my brain was being raped as I read this book. But as always, it's a decent fluff read, if you're bored and don't mind killing off your brain cells. It wasn't my favorite of the books … I can see it going downhill from here. But you never know. I guess I'll have to wait and see. And I only have to wait like two months … because these books multiply like rabbits.Wow that was a very long ranting review. O_O But I am done now! :D