The Schwa Was Here - Neal Shusterman pretty awesome, and i expect no less from neal shusterman!! i must say, shusterman is a really talented author; i love how his tone varies completely from book to book. who would think that the same person would write something as utterly disturbing and depressing as Unwind, and yet be capable of writing a book as funny as The Schwa Was Here? Strange... but that's what i luv about neal shusterman!! now to go to the library and check out like every single book he's ever written... i'm becoming a huge fan! lol. ;DThe only reason i give this book four stars instead of five is that first of all, i have to compare it to Unwind. and secondly... i liked the ending, but it never really explained why the Schwa is "invisible-ish". i was expecting some kind of explanation, but apparently there isn't one. oh well. at least the ending was happier than i expected it to be.