The Glass Castle - Jeannette Walls *Love love love* :) This book is sooooo good. It was assigned reading for my Writing class this year. And to be honest I didn't read it until the day before school started. (Hee hee.) But even if that hadn't been the case, I probably still would have consumed it in a day. It's a really engrossing story, and Jeanette Walls tells it in a particularly interesting way. What I liked so much about it was the tone she chose. A lot of people might have gone the whole "My parents totally screwed up my life" route, but instead Walls characterizes her parents in a complex and realistic way. Even though the dad is drunk and sometimes abusive, and the mom is slightly insane, the reader doesn't really hate them––Walls illustrates both sides of her parents, both the good and the bad. I expected it to be one of those pity-party memoirs, but really it's a fascinating, humorous, and powerful story about a family's struggle to survive when all they have is each other. Read read read it. :)