Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - J.K. Rowling, Mary GrandPré Ack! I am hopelessly behind on book reviews. I read this, like, two weeks ago and I've read four other books since then. I am a bad little book reviewer *bashes head against wall* Although, it's not like a ton of people read my reviews, I guess. I just like writing them because it makes me feel smarter-er. :)So yeah, HARRY FREAKING POTTER. If you haven't been reading my reviews of the past three books––yes, I'm reading them for the first time. I know, shocking. Whenever people see me reading them at school they're like, "Haha, reading Harry Potter again?" and I'm like "Meep … This is the first time." And everyone's like, "WHAAAAAAAAT?!" *cowers* I know, I know. I'm terribly behind on the times.Well, anyway. As for actually reviewing this thing.This was definitely my favorite so far. Without a doubt. I liked the first three, but not as much. In the first three, I had some issues with pacing and the writing style, etc. The first was really rushed, the second was better, the third was good but only really addicting toward the end ... But this one, I was hooked pretty much the entire time. I tend to be skeptical of chunky books, but I think this one benefited from being long––and the first two definitely could have benefited from being longer, since they both involved a lot of events in rapid succession that could have used some down-time in between.So yeah, this one was epic. The plot was fast-paced but not confusing-fast as it was in the earlier books. There was more action, the characters were developed a lot more (I like them waaaay better now), and the over-all mood was darker and more intriguing. Kind of exhausting to read, being so long, but after taking a short break I'm eager to keep reading. :) I guess the only small issue I still have is that there's always some kind of "BWA HAHA!" speech at the end of every book. That is, there's a lot of mystery in each book and lots of little clues, and at the end someone has to bother explaining how it all worked out for, like, ten pages ... It's like one of those action movies where the villain ties down the hero and says, "I BET YOU'LL NEVER GUESS HOW I MANAGED TO ACCOMPLISH ALL THIS. MWA HA HA!" And it's like ... Yes, you're very clever. But I think in reality you'd just kill him ... Ah, well. It all has to get explained somehow.Anyway, I LURVE IT. Time to read the next three. :)