Hex Hall - Rachel Hawkins I didn't know what to expect when I picked this up, because I'd heard mixed reviews. I'd seen a lot of people in Goodreads book groups reading/recommending it. But one of my friends told me it wasn't very good, and she and I generally have the same opinion about the books we read, so ... *shrugs*After reading it, I have somewhat mixed feelings. Over all, I liked it ... kinda. But there were several aspects that I really didn't like, so it's hard to decide.Basically, this book is kind of a dumbed-down and girlier version of Harry Potter, with some shapeshifters and a vampire thrown in. The main character, Sophie, is sent to magic boarding school and hangs out with other magical people, and then mysterious murders happen and everyone blames the vampire ... yada yada. Even if it was a bit predictable, the plot at least seemed planned out and it was entertaining.Now, for a few things that bugged me ...So, I liked Sophie over all; she seemed like a real teenager and had a funny, sarcastic tone. My one problem with her is, she is ... uh ... how do I say this nicely? REALLY, REALLY STUPID. Example A: Okay, I'm not really spoiling anything here because it happens in the very first chapter. But anyway, so, in the very first chapter, Sophie is at prom (at normal school) and finds a girl crying in the bathroom because she doesn't have a date. (And I would like to point out that going to prom without a date is, like, totally cool and awesome. *huffs*) And apparently it's just soooo tragic that this girl doesn't have a date that Sophie is willing to blow her cover in order to magically cast a love spell on a random dude so that dateless-girl will have a date. And no, she doesn't even say, "Uh ... yeah, I'll be back in a second" and do the spell out of dateless-girl's sight. No ... she has to take the girl outside with her to the parking lot and do all the magic RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER. ... And then she complains about how she's always having to go from school to school, because people keep finding out she's a witch. HMMM. WHO'S FAULT IS THAT, SOPHIE?Example B: As soon as she shows up at school, she almost gets attacked by a werewolf. As the werewolf is bounding toward her, she just stands there and screams, "BAD DOG!" *headdesk* I know it's supposed to be funny, but still ...Example C: She always falls for the stereotypical mean girls' most clichéd mean-girl tricks. Like in one scene, the mean girls spontaneously start being nice to her, out of the blue. They tell her that if a certain teacher is ever pissed at her, Sophie should compliment that teacher's tattoos––because she just loves when people compliment her tattoos! Umm. Not suspicious at all.But, moving along...The second major thing that bugged me was, Rachel Hawkins rarely seemed to know how to end a scene. She kept doing this weird thing where she'd stop in the middle of the action and then move on to the next chapter, and I'd be like, "... What just happened?" It would be like "AND THEN HE ATTACKED ME. [New Chapter] So then I was eating breakfast. Oh yeah, so what happened after that guy tried to kill me was this ... *two-sentence summary*) It almost seemed like she was just afraid of getting into the action, which made the flow a bit choppy and the transitions awkward.However, despite some frustrating aspects, I generally enjoyed the book; it's a cute and entertaining read if say, you've run out of Harry Potter and/or Percy Jackson and you want to read something somewhat similar but not quite as good. And I see potential for more of an interesting story here, so I got Demonglass (the sequel) out of the library. After reading that, I'll be able to pass better judgment, but after the first book alone I'm kinda up-in-the-air concerning this series.