Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - J.K. Rowling, Mary GrandPré I MEAN EVERY WORD I EVER SAY EVER ... BECAUSE I'M HARRY POTTER. Sorry, I couldn't resist. If you don't get it, just go to YouTube and type in "Wizard Swears" and you'll see. Yeah so like, everyone and their grandma and their dog has read Harry Potter at least five times, so I guess there's not much of a point giving a synopsis of this book or anything. We all know what happens. There's this emo boy with stupid glasses and a lightning shaped scar on his head, and he's a wizard! And he does wizard stuff! And it's awesome! That about sums it up.Ugh ugh ugh, this one took me forever to read. I don't know why. Well, besides the fact that it's really long. They're all really long. Usually my brain explodes if a book is more than 400 pages or so. I can't even remember where the fifth book ended and the sixth book started ... so much stuff happens. Sorry if I kind of rush through this review. It's just that, I figure everyone has already read this so like, why bother? Also I'm tired and sick, and an old lady attacked me yesterday. And there's another book review I'm going to write after this one that I REALLY want to write so I just want to get this one over with. And if you're reading this you've most likely already read this book so WHY DO YOU CARE?Okay, I'll sum up my thoughts the best I can, in a very concise manner. It's pretty much everything I've already said in my reviews for the first five books, so yeah.This one was sad. The end was depressing, even though I knew what happened. Poor Dumbledore. :'(Harry is kind of annoying, but oh well. I like Ron and Hermione. They are so cute. They seem quite realistic too. There's none of that sappy, over-the-top romance in these books. All the romance stuff is like, bickering teenagers, which is much more amusing and believable.I don't really like Ginny much, though. I wish she was more interesting ... Maybe she will be developed more in the last book? Also Harry's interest in her seemed rather sudden and random. Like one day he's just like, "Ginny is kind of hot. I like her. Oh, but she's Ron's sister. Awkward turtle." And then he wouldn't quit whining about it. Ack. Well, whatever. Voldemort is a creeper. I love his life history and whatnot, though. It's super cool.It still blows my mind that J.K. Rowling thought out this series so much. It makes me feel like such a slob as a writer. I'm always like, "I should probably explain this .... NAH. No one will care." But, you know, people do care. So I should probably care more, too. But I don't think I'd have as much patience as Rowling does. I mean, GOSSHHH she has a backstory for like every single character.So yeah, I think that's about it. Now I hope to finish up the last book and watch all the movies before the last movie comes out in errrm like half a month. Wish me luck!