The Lost Hero - Rick Riordan, Joshua Swanson I will come up with an epic review for this soon. But now I need to do the homework I neglected while I was reading it … teehee!!!- I find it amusing that this is my 2nd most popular review ... and that I haven't even reviewed it yet. (Oops, I read it almost half a year ago, so I should probably get on that. *headsmack*)... *AN ETERNITY LATER* ...Well, I was sad that I had nothing to review, but then I remembered that I never reviewed this and had been meaning to do so for ages. I should be reading the 7th Harry Potter book so I can review that––but, I don't feel like reading right now. And I might as well get this dang thing over with. Gosh darn it.Okay, so, here's the deal. I read this book in November. It's June now. It's been seven months since I read this, so I don't really remember it in detail. Hence, this review will probably totally suck because I am having trouble recalling all the things that happened in this book. I'm sure I took a lot of mental notes, and I bet I was planning some big, epic review ... and then I just didn't want to write it because it was going to be long and time-consuming to write, and yada yada. So, here we are. Yet, oddly enough, of all my reviews this is the one with the second-most amount of votes. Which is rather sad since I sometimes spend like 3 hours writing a review for something and then it gets no votes. *Sobs*All right, all right. Enough of my pity party.So. Rick Riordan. RICK RIORDAN. I love him. And I hate him. He is so wonderful, but so evil. I find this to be true of most of my favorite authors.Anyway, Mr. Riordan has a lot of skill. He creatively ties mythology into reality, and his characters are developed well. His writing isn't the best thing ever, but at least it's funny. I love love loved the Percy Jackson books. It's one of my very favorite series. And I enjoyed the first Kane Chronicles book as well although not as much as Percy Jackson. Aaaand same goes for The Lost Hero. I loved it, but not as much as the series from which it originated. I thought it was a "better" book, but ... I don't know. I guess I have more of a sentimental attachment to Percy Jackson, since I was part of the whole hype from when I was 12 until I was 16 when the last book came out. So, it's a little hard to let go of that attachment and be like, "I MISS PERCY!" But, oh well.So yeah, this book. I guess I'm a little late writing this review, as I've already implied. I don't know if I should really bother going into detail.Well ... I liked that Annabeth was in it. That made me happy. But I MISS PERCY, DANG IT. AND HE WASN'T IN IT AT ALL. IT MADE ME ANGRY. But the other characters were pretty cool. I loved Leo and Piper. They both had cool backstories and were very likable. Jason on the other hand, I didn't like very much. He was just kinda ... ehhh. The whole memory-loss thing made him a bit hard to relate to, because without it he didn't really have a backstory and therefore didn't seem like much of a developed character. He was just being kickass all the time and being like, "I don't know why I'm so kickass ... I just am! YEAH!" Well, I hope he'll be a tad more developed in the other books. Aaand the plot, the plot was cool. There were scary monsters and gods and stuff. Hooray for mythology! I liked how in this one, Rick Riordan addressed Roman mythology and how it relates to Greek mythology––and how there's the Roman camp as well as the Greek one.And then there was the ending. The horrible ending.Percy Jackson lost his memory? WONDERFUL. JUST WONDERFUL. Five books for nothing. And herein lies the really annoying problem. Because, you know, you read this and you're like, "Jason and Piper should be a couple!" And then you realize that Jason had some other girlfriend at the Roman camp. And then if you think of Percy ... who has Annabeth. Except now he is at the Roman camp, and has forgotten everything as well. And might have met someone else. So, Jason's ex-girlfriend is basically the Annabeth in this situation. MAN, THIS SUCKS. GAHHH. *BASHES HEAD THROUGH A WINDOW*So anyway, it was good. Definitely has potential to be as kickass as Percy Jackson, but we will have to wait and see about that.