Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - J.K. Rowling, Mary GrandPré Well ahh, I'm the 26,372nd person to review this, so I guess there's not much I can say that hasn't already been said. So, Harry Potter. I finally finished reading all of them. It took me forever and a day, but I did it! For some reason this one took me a particularly long time. Don't know why. I kept being like, "*Reads five pages* .... OKAY! Off to do something else." I guess because it was a little slow starting out. The first half of it was a lot of sitting around in the woods and being like *ARGUE ARGUE ARGUE* But, it got a lot better as it went along. I know J.K. Rowling did have to tie up a lot of things, so that's probably why it was so long and had so much information, etc.Anyway. So I read the second half of it in the car on a 2-hour ride home from Connecticut about a week ago. And toward the end it was getting dark outside, so I had to use my iPod as a flashlight and it was rather difficult and I was getting a headache. But I was like, "MUST. FINISH." It was a good ending. Very satisfying. I've heard people complain about the ending being too happy and whatnot, but it wasn't really ... I mean, half the characters died. (Well, okay, not half. But a lot.) It was bittersweet. And heck, after all that crap he went through, HARRY POTTER DESERVES TO BE HAPPY.Blah blah blah. Still wracking my brain for things to say. I don't know. The thing is, the series was a bit ruined for me because I waited so long to read them; hence, I pretty much knew everything that was going to happen and was mentally/emotionally prepared for everything. So it's kind of hard to evaluate.UMMMM well. I know everyone says this but ... oh my gosh, this series has so much detail. As a writer I utterly fail at details. I'm like, "I should probably explain this more. Nah. I should give this character some kind of backstory. Nah." Whereas, J.K. Rowling has some crazy detailed history for every single one of her characters. AGGGHHH. How did she write these books in less than a hundred years? There's a purpose for everyone and everything in these books. And evidently, she had the last book planned even when she was writing the first book. A lot of series fall flat on the planning aspect; they seem like the author says to his/herself, "Meh, I don't have any other ideas so I'll just write some crappy sequel to that other thing I wrote!" But with Harry Potter, there's a reason for every book, and for everything that happens––even the smallest details. Just .... GAHHH GAHHHHHH HHHAAHGKL;KLDJ. I don't know how to express my awe. It's not fair. I now feel the need to write 100-page outlines for everything I'm writing ... which I guess is a good thing. Anyway, so, the characters. Well, as I said, there's a reason for all of them. And they all have such cool backstories. Except Harry Potter is kind of annoying. And I wish Ginny had been more interesting and that Harry's interest in her hadn't been so random. But, whatevs. I like everyone else. Ron and Hermione are an adorable couple. Voldemort is really creepy (but I love his backstory). Dobby is awesome *cries*. And OHMYGOSH I love Snape. He's so cool. I was the most sad about his death. Especially afterward when you find out his whole backstory. He and Lily had such a sweet relationship. It was so sad. AGGGH. That was the only part that almost made me cry. (Don't get me wrong, a lot of other parts made me sad, it's just that books rarely make me shed actual tears.)Recently I read this thing on Cracked.com about how it would have been cool if it turned out Neville had been the Chosen One all along. Haha. That would've been kind of awesome. But oh well. The ending was still awesome. (This has nothing to do with anything, I just wanted to mention it.)Sorry this review has pretty much no thought or structure to it whatsoever. I'm just not sure how to sum up my thoughts on all seven books. I should read them again sometime to find any cool details I might have missed––now that I know everything that happens, yada yada. Right now I just feel kinda overwhelmed by the series as a whole though, so I probably won't be rereading them for a while. But anyway, they were great.I kind of wonder whether Rowling will ever write anything else. Maybe she's the Harper Lee type and only had one good story to tell. Also I feel like if she writes about anything else, everyone will be like, "THIS IS NOT AS GOOD AS HARRY POTTER." But, oh well. I'm sure the Harry Potter legacy will live on. People will keep reading these books to their kids. J.K. Rowling is probably set for life. So, WOOHOOOO!ONE MORE THING.I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.I just love saying that. :] Heh heh.