The Throne of Fire - Rick Riordan Oh, Rick Riordan ... *weeps* How I love your wonderful books!But okay, let's be serious now. The Throne of Fire ... Oh, my goodness. I love it so much. I'll start off by saying, I'm a huge fan of the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series. Nothing will ever replace that series in my heart, partly because, you know, I was younger when those came out, and they're the books that made me fall in love with Rick Riordan (metaphorically). Thus I have more of a sentimental attachment to them, one that cannot be broken. After the series ended and I found out about The Kane Chronicles, I was skeptical that Riordan could produce something as likable as Percy's adventures. Even after reading The Red Pyramid, I wasn't sure. But after reading this book ... Hmmm. I'm starting to change my mind. No, I don't think I can feel the same way about these books as I do about Percy Jackson, but I can't deny that they are equally compelling (so far, at least).First, I love Egyptian mythology. I don't know as much about it as I do about Greek mythology, so I don't recognize as many of the myths/gods/etc. in these books, as much as I did throughout the Percy Jackson series. But hey, that means I'm learning something! It's educational! And it's made me more interested in researching Egyptian stories. Hmmm.I also love the characters. In the first book, I felt a little distant from Carter and Sadie, although I liked them. But going into the second book, and knowing more about who they were, I felt closer to them. I think they are both developing nicely as the story progresses, and the whole brother-sister relationship is both touching and amusing (as sibling relationships tend to be). Rick Riordan also adds some interesting characters into the bunch. For example, Bes, a god who has the power to scare people off with his ugliness (Hey! I can do that too!). And a new love interest for Sadie, Walt. I love Walt! And I like the plot twist about his curse, although it's rather reminiscent of Jem's disease in Cassandra Clare's Infernal Devices series. Oh well. There are some other kids under Sadie and Carter's training, who were kind of thrown into the story and not developed much ... But oh well. Hopefully they'll become more interesting in the remainder of the series.I still have a problem with the concept of the entire story being a recording recited by Sadie and Carter themselves. When people recount stories, they don't really talk using a lot of dialogue tags and descriptions and whatnot. Sadie and Carter also share an awful lot of personal info concerning their love interests and whatnot, which seems odd considering their siblings supposedly sitting right next to each other as they're speaking ... It's just odd. An interesting idea, but it seems awkward.But, my nitpicky issues aside, I loved this. It was exciting, funny, and well-paced, like all Riordan's books. I can't wait to read the third one! *sobs* But at least I only have to wait until October for The Son of Neptune. As much as I love The Kane Chronicles, YES I WANT PERCY BACK!