Skinned - Robin Wasserman Awesomesauce. It was really good. :] It started off a little confusing, but it had a very cool and sort of risky concept to it. By risky I mean that it could have failed epically; I see a lot of authors take on this kind of plot and then just sorta let it die, but Skinned pulled it off. Not only was it addicting and exciting, but it got me thinking too. There was more depth in it than I expected; it had a thought-provoking theme about identity, and what makes someone who they are – and not only that, but what makes someone a human being.A couple of little things bothered me, though: First of all, there were times when the main character kinda got on my nerves. I started liking her more towards the end, but for a majority of the book she was a little whiney. I know she was in a pretty crappy situation, but still … Well, at least she matured somewhat in the end, and I started feeling pretty bad for her.The other thing was that, at times, I could tell this book desperately wished it was Uglies. Even the cover art and the way the book was formatted seemed very similar. The world in which it took place was very Westerfeld-esque: the Skinners are sorta like Pretties or Specials, it's a similar futuristic/post-apocalyptic setting, the society is very technology obsessed and they even have some similar lingo.But, despite those few instances of similarity, it had a lot of originality too. Over all, I thoroughly enjoyed it.