Untamed - Kristin Cast, P.C. Cast okay, i'm relieved. i almost didn't read this one, cuz the third one was getting kinda stupid. this was definitely better than the third one though. i thought zoey was being REALLY stupid in the third one. and she's still kind of a hypocrite ... i mean, she had three boyfriends at once, yet she's always like, "eww. aphrodite is such a ho." and i'm like "LOOK WHO'S TALKING." but anyway, it was much more interesting than the last one, and zoey is sort of getting her act back together, although she still kinda annoys me. and her literally two-minute-long relationship w/that stark dude was really weird. and probably unnecessary. i didn't really get it. idk; he'll probably be more important later on in the series. i guess we shall see. anyway, i'm glad i didn't give the series up. aaaah how i luv cheap fantasy crap. lol