Slaughterhouse-Five - Kurt Vonnegut *sigh* Okay. I ... STRONGLY DISLIKED this book, for a handful of reasons. But honestly, I would never have picked this up on my own; I was assigned to read this for honors english class, and it's not something I would read normally. Not that I didn't give it a chance, because I did. I tried to like it. I really did. And for the first fifty or so pages, I was like, "Okay ... This isn't so bad I guess ..." But after a while, it just got so aggravating. The writing style started to drive me insane. And by the five hundredth time I read the sentence "So it goes", I wanted to hurl the book across the room and scream my head off.The writing style was horrible. I couldn't stand it. And the whole way the book is set up has no order or logic whatsoever. Okay, so the whole Tralfamadorian time thing was a cool idea. But it wasn't completely thought through, obviously. The whole skipping around through time got really annoying. And, if you're me, and reading this for a class, it's IMPOSSIBLE to find quotes because there's no order to it at all! Plus, the way the time was set up made it impossible to really develop the plot or the characters. The whole thing seemed to go by on one depressing note, without any ups-and-downs. But the characters are pretty flat and boring to begin with.Also ... Mr. Vonnegut, there is such a thing as TMI. The weird sex scenes ... the scenes about people pooping ... Uh. I didn't really have to know that. Maybe if you mentioned these things once or twice, that would've been okay. But over and over again? I got a little sick of it. Sick in a very literal sense of the word.Obviously, Vonnegut wrote this book in such a bizarre way so that when people criticized it, he could stick his nose in the air and say, "Hmph! You just don't understand my GENIUS!" And then those who criticized it would change their minds and say, "What? Oh of COURSE I understood it. Haha. Because I'm so SMART!" It's one of those books where the writing style is very "in your face!", like, "I'm going to write this book in a really weird way, and there's nothing you can do about it! HAHA! So when you say you didn't like it, everyone will think you're a snob!" I hate that kind of writing. It's precisely what ticked me off about this book.Well, call me a snob. But I couldn't stand this book.