Forever - Maggie Stiefvater In a nutshell: I really liked it. Not quite as much as the first two books, but I still liked it.There were a lot of things I really appreciated about this series. I'm not a huge fan of paranormal romance because they all tend to be exactly the same, so I like that the Wolves of Mercy Falls had its unique traits. For example, Maggie Stiefvater actually bothered to create her own werewolf mythology/rules/etc. and not just, "I'm a werewolf ... just because." I really like the world she created and what she did with her idea.Secondly, I really like her writing style. It's kind of a shame that her first popular series had to be a werewolf series because it caused people to go into it thinking, "Oh, this is going to be exactly like Twilight" and therefore losing respect for her. And yeah, there is a lot of mushy-gushy stuff in the series. But I see a lot of potential in Stiefvater's writing and ideas and I expect even greater things to come from her in the future.Thirdly, I'm so glad there was no love triangle in these books. I'm so effing sick of love triangles that the very idea often makes me want to explode. When I first heard about Cole coming into the series I was like, "Oh no ..." But thankfully, he was not a threat to the main relationship. I really liked him and Isabel as a couple. And I like that Grace is dedicated to Sam and not going around, leading on every boy who comes along. I mean, she's not the greatest character on the planet, but at least she's a somewhat better role model than many YA heroines (if you could even call them that) out there. So, yeah. Writing, story, characters ... Good stuff.There were only a couple of issues I had with this book in particular.1) The whole thing with Koenig ... how he just conveniently believes in werewolves and is able to help them all out. It was kind of a big cop-out. No pun intended.2) The ending didn't leave me with much of a sense of closure. Usually when I finish a series I really like, I'm left with this powerful feeling––this cross between satisfaction and sadness that the series is over. For example, I finished reading Goliath by Scott Westerfeld yesterday, and when I finished it, I was like, "OMG THAT WAS SO GOOD. BUT NOOOO IT'S OVER. *SOBS*" With Forever, I didn't really feel that way. It left me with more of an empty feeling, like I didn't think things had quite been tied together. I think the main issue was that it all seemed really rushed. Pretty much the whole ending happened within the last 20-30 pages or so. The first two books also had somewhat rushed endings, but at least there was more buildup to them and I found the endings more satisfactory. This was like, "PEOPLE SHOOTING WOLVES. Now they're gone. Beck's dead. Shelby's dead. Cole's dead. Just kidding, Cole's not dead. We're all leaving Mercy Falls. THE END." And it felt like it was all happening a bit too fast.I also had a believability issue with the ending. I just couldn't bring myself to believe that Grace's parents would trust her to go off to Norway. I'd think they'd be pretty suspicious especially after her dad had so many issues with Sam. But, oh well.Anyway, in the end it was a good book and I enjoyed it. I just felt it wasn't as good as the first two and didn't leave me feeling as satisfied as I wished it would.