Fallen - Lauren Kate *I am slightly editing this now because I initially sorta-liked this book, and then after a while I realized that actually I hadn't liked it very much after all, and that I didn't feel compelled to read the rest of the series. So yeah.*As usual I might spoil some things, so BE WARNED.Ah, formulaic paranormal romance.This one involves this girl named Luce who is sent off to reform school because people think she killed her sort-of boyfriend––when really he was killed by the weird shadowy things that follow her around. Obviously she thinks she's crazy and she's not so thrilled about being thrown into a school with a bunch of creepy criminal kids (unintentional alliteration).Fortunately, there are sexy guys there, including this nice dude named Cam and this mysterious asshole named Daniel. And who does she like? Yeah, she likes the asshole. That is how the formula goes, my friends! Of course, from the beginning I suspected that there was something "off" about Cam … He seems a little obviously too-nice and … well, I won't spoil it. Maybe I was right about him and maybe I wasn't.Anyway, so, Daniel. He is the typical mysterious Edward Cullen-esque character, who is a complete asshat to Luce at first, yet they both seem mysteriously drawn to each other––yeah, there is the formula again. It turns out that he is an immortal fallen angel, and has been chasing Luce around for like a billion years as she keeps dying and getting reincarnated and … yeah, I don't really get it either. But, what the heck.As is typical with the formulaic paranormal romance, you just sort of go along with the whole thing. But at the end you're left feeling a little annoyed, like, "Okay, so why do these two kids claim to love each other so much? They haven't even known each other for that long, and they don't really know anything about each other, and neither of them seems like a particularly interesting person, so it's pretty much based on looks …" But nooooo obviously they love each other because they are soul mates and have known each other in their five billion past lives, so no other explanation is needed! *sigh*The plot itself was pretty predictable too. Let's just say there were a couple of characters that were obviously villains (and pretending not to be). So, I was sort of angry at the ending. Then I was totally confused because like EVERYONE turned out to be a fallen angel at the end and it was like "WTF?" But I sorta understood it, I guess. The only one who wasn't a fallen angel was Luce's friend Penn … and she got her throat slit and no one really seemed to care about her, which was annoying. And sad. Actually, I was sort of more interested about the backstory––like stuff that had happen with the fallen angel peoples like Daniel and Gabbe and Arianne and Roland, etc. Maybe we'll get more of that in later books? I guess we shall see.Ultimately, I found the book addicting but not all that good. If you want something rather quick and shallow and you like paranormal romance ... well then, check it out I guess. Otherwise, I don't think you should really bother.