Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim - David Sedaris I FINISHED THIS. YAY. It took me like two months for some reason ... Pathetic, I know. It's not even that long. Seriously, I've been awful at reading/reviewing for the past few months. Ugh. But tonight I sat down and I was like, "BITCH, YOU'RE GOING TO FINISH THIS BOOK IN THE NEXT HOUR." So, I did. I'm just going to make a habit of doing such things to myself, or else I'll just keep forgetting to read and feeling guilty about it. Anyway, it's kind of hard for me to review a short story collection since I'm more into reviewing novels. So, this review sucks. Oh well. Basically, this is a book of memoir vignettes in which David Sedaris discusses his life, crazy family, so on and so forth. And ... it's awesome.This is the first entire Sedaris collection I've ever read. I'd previously read a few of his short stories by themselves, but never one of his whole books. And after reading this one, I hope to read the rest of his books. Few books have made me laugh the way this book did. Sedaris's humor is just fantastic, his voice is unique and easily likable, and his writing is great. Altogether, it's fabulous.So ... go read it.