City of Lost Souls - Cassandra Clare SPOILERS GALORE! So, yeah. Watch out.Oh, I seem to have kind of forgotten to review this. Well, a mixture of that and the fact that I don't really want to review it because I don't have that much to say.Giving it four stars was pretty generous. It was actually somewhere between 3 and 4 stars for me, but I decided to be nice and go with the higher rating. Don't get me wrong––it was still an enjoyable book. I just feel that at this point, Cassandra Clare is kind of just continuing this series for the lulz and not because she really needs to keep going with it.I mean, sure, I did want to know what happened to Simon and whatnot after the third book ended. And if this was focused more on Simon and other minor characters, it might be more interesting. What I find annoying is that Cassie basically un-resolved everything that she'd resolved at the end of the third book.What? You thought Sebastian was gone for good? LOL NOPE.What? You thought Clary and Jace had finally gone through enough shit and will be together 5everz? LOL NOPE. Gah, it's just very frustrating. It's still a somewhat interesting story, and I did enjoy reading this one for the most part. It's just ... eh. It's kind of just ... troll-ish. Not only that, but the pacing could have used work. Hardly anything happened for like the entire first half of the book. A lot of it was just all the different couples arguing and then making up and making out or whatever.And that's another thing that bugs me a bit ... the whole thing is very matchy-matchy. Like, EVERYONE has to be with SOMEONE. I mean, just the romance in general was rather annoying. For instance, it felt sorta weird that Maia got over Simon so fast, just because Jordan appeared. It's like ... oh, how convenient. And like, I like Isabelle and Simon for the most part, but ... I think their relationship still feels kind of underdeveloped. (Also that scene where he bit her was rather, um, creepy.) Speaking of creepy ... Sebastian still liking Clary. *Shudders* Oh, and MAGNUS AND ALEC BREAKING UP? WHAT THE FUCKITY FUCK? Well anyway, as for the actual plot and stuff.Errrm, I couldn't really decide if I thought it was cool or just really confusing. The idea of Jace and Sebastian being bonded and all was interesting, but it was just ... yeah. Confusing, as I said. I couldn't really tell how much Jace was being himself and how much he was being Sebastian––which I guess is the point, but it made it really hard to sympathize much with him. Plus, when Clary was around Jace, I honestly couldn't tell most of the time whether she was acting stupid to get information, or whether she was so dumb that she really couldn't get it through her head that Jace was possessed (AGAIN) and all. But yeah, the whole thing with Jace and Sebastian acting like BFFLs was pretty weird. I just kind of sat there like:But there were actually things I liked! Oh yay! I liked that Clary actually became somewhat kickass and actually killed some demons. It was like, FINALLY! ... Better late than never, I guess. Although she was kind of weird about it. Like, killing things and then laughing her head off. Kinda scary. But, oh well.And this is a bit random I guess, but I liked that part when Sebastian talked about how he and Clary were similar. Like, Clary caused the death of their father and she doesn't seem to give a single crap about it. So yeah, that makes her a bit evil doesn't it? I mean, of course Valentine was a terrible person. But still. So, yeah. I think that's about all I have to say. This review is rather short and confusing, so I apologize for that. Basically, I thought this installment in the series was rather weird and had some flaws, but it was still pretty all right. It just isn't on the same level as the first three books, and I no longer have as much sympathy for the characters. Honestly I'm only like 10% excited for the next book ... well maybe more than that, but you get the idea. (I mean, what's going to happen in it? So ... Sebastian is not really dead (again)? And now ... Jace can glow in the dark? ... YIPPEE.)Basically, I think this gif sums up my feelings:----------Before reading:Okay. I don't really like the cover.Don't get me wrong. It's a pretty cover. But ... agh. Jace and Clary's story came to a happy ending in City of Glass. Then Cassandra Clare claimed she was writing this sub-series about the other characters, so I was like, "Cool!" Because, you know, I'm interested more in what happens to Simon (not because he's my favorite character or anything, because he isn't) but because his story hasn't been resolved yet.But no. Then Cassie had to go and mess up what she'd already fixed and make the whole Jace/Clary relationship all angsty again. ARRRRGH. JUST MAKE THEM FREAKING HAPPY. FOR ONCE. EVER. Anyway. The point is, it just kind of ticks me off that the other characters were supposed to be the ones getting attention for once, and now the cover of the fifth book screams, "LOL JK THIS BOOK IS ALL ABOUT JACE AND CLARY!!" Just ... *headsmack*Okay, I will stop ranting now. Point is, it's a nice cover. I just hate what it implies. And I'm looking forward much more to Clockwork Princess than to more Mortal Instruments.