Graffiti Moon - Cath Crowley This review won't be too long because I don't have much to criticize––so yay! I really liked Graffiti Moon. I read most of it on a long car ride––and even trapped in an extremely hot car and surrounded by little children, I managed to be totally wrapped up in this book.The story is about a girl named Lucy who is intrigued by the graffiti of two mysterious street artists known as Shadow and Poet. She is especially in love with Shadow's artwork, and is convinced that if she met this artist face-to-face, she would fall in love with him. What she doesn't know is that Shadow is a boy named Ed––a boy she went on a date with once, and ended up sending to the hospital with a broken nose. (She punched him in the face after he grabbed her butt.) One night, she and her friends end up hanging out with Ed and Leo (who is really Poet). Lucy and her friends are determined to go out and search for Shadow and Poet, and Ed and Leo decide to play along just so they can hang out with the girls. Soon, Lucy and Ed are off together on a quest through the city––as Ed both figuratively and literally goes on a journey to find himself.I'd say the greatest thing about Graffiti Moon is the writing. I wasn't sure if I liked it at first. It uses a lot of fragmented sentences, which is one of my pet peeves. Also, the chapters in Leo's point of view are written in poetry, which is another thing I tend to dislike. However, I thought Cath Crowley pulled it off. There was a certain rhythm to the writing that seemed fitting to the story. The style was kind of like John Green and Melina Marchetta combined, or something. I liked it.I also found the story original and refreshing. It was a simple story, and all took place pretty much within a single night. But, the premise was different and intriguing, and something I doubt I will forget. Lucy and Ed were both likable characters with a lot of cute chemistry between them.It was one of those books where I was sitting there like:I think the only tiny complaint I have about it is the ending. In my opinion, everything turned out a little too perfectly. All the couples got together and/or solved their problems. Even Lucy's parents resolved their issues with each other. I like happy endings, but I feel like at least one little thing could've gone wrong or unresolved just to keep it a bit more realistic. But, oh well.Over all, a very sweet and lovable story. I thought it was funny and romantic and well-written, so ... what's not to like?