To Catch a Pirate - Jade Parker Blargh blargh. I've fallen behind on my reviews, so now I have three to do. Well! I'll start with this one, because I don't have all that much to say about it. I liked this book. Didn't love it, but I liked it. I picked it up because I have several friends who had recommended it to me ... Of course, they recommended it to me like three years ago, I'm just really slow at getting to things I've been meaning to read. And, I probably would have liked it more three years ago.I think I'll just go ahead and make this pretty general.What I liked:- It was a simple but likable story. Not too much going on, easy to follow. So, you know, a nice summer read.- The romance was cute. Not as developed as it could have been, and the whole "choosing between the 'bad boy' and my best friend" thing is really overused ... but at least Sterling wasn't too much of an asshole. - Annalisa was pretty cool as a protagonist. She was a badass female, she was the captain of her own ship, she could swordfight. Sometimes she did become kind of a damsel in distress, but over all I liked her well enough.What could have used work:- It felt rushed to me. It seemed a bit like the bare bones of a story, and it was lacking in "meat." I would have liked a little bit more down-time between important events––more character depth and development, that kind of thing.- Adding on to that, there were some weird pacing problems at the beginning. There was the first chapter––or prologue, or whatever it was––and then suddenly a lot of time went by. And it was like, "Oh yeah, and in that time Annalisa learned to swordfight and became a ship captain." I would have liked to have been "shown" a bit more of this rather than having it info-dumped on me. - I was skeptical of the historical accuracy. Maybe I'm just ignorant, but were women even allowed to be ship captains in the 1700's? It struck me as odd that Annalisa was a ship captain in the first place, but also that the issue of sexism didn't even really get addressed. I would have expected some doubting/questioning of Annalisa's authority as a woman, considering the time period. But, everyone just seemed totally okay with her being in charge. Well, that's about all I have to say. In conclusion ... a short and fun book. Not that great, but at least somewhat enjoyable.