The Hollow (Hollow Trilogy) - Jessica Verday Actual rating: 2.5Abbey lives in the small town of Sleepy Hollow. You know ...... That one.Recently, Abbey's best friend, Kristen, disappeared near a bridge. While most people believe that Kristen's death was an accident, Abbey suspects that something fishy is going on. Then things start getting weirder, when some mysterious boy she's never seen before shows up at Kristen's funeral ... and then, naturally, starts stalking her everywhere. (You can probably already see where this is headed.)So, it turns out the boy's name is Caspian (which I'm pretty sure isn't a real name except in Narnia). He is also super sexy and he and Abbey fall in insta-love. Caspian follows Abbey around, and insists on calling her "Astrid" because apparently her real name is too stupid, and ... well, let's just say some weird supernatural shit is going on, because it's a paranormal romance and yeah. I won't spoil it, but I think you get the idea. Well okay, this book wasn't all bad. I did get through it pretty fast and found it entertaining enough that I didn't give up on it. The setting in Sleepy Hollow and the integration of Washington Irving's story were interesting, and something I haven't seen in a YA book before. I think Jessica Verday did a good job conveying what good friends Abbey and Kristen were, and what a big loss it was for Abbey. Also, Abbey is a perfume-maker, which is original and pretty cool. Except, she plans on someday having a perfume shop called ... Abbey's Hollow.....But anyway, it was a cool aspect of the story nonetheless.So, over all this was a pretty predictable YA paranormal romance. However, it did have enough original elements to keep me interested and compel me to read the second one. I don't know if I'll read the third, but I thought this one and the second one were both pretty okay.