Lolita - Vladimir Nabokov, Craig Raine The state of my "to-review" list is just frightening right now. I don't even like looking at it because it's like, 10+ books and a lot of them are ones I finished months ago. So ... GAHHH! Anyway, it's been about two months since I read this book. And I admit, part of the reason why I've put off this review for so long is because, well ... I'm not sure how to go about reviewing this book. I think it's the type of book that you just have to experience, because someone explaining it to you is just probably going to make you give them a look like they're crazy.SO GUYS THERE'S THIS PEDOPHILE AND HE ESSENTIALLY KIDNAPS THIS GIRL AND DRAGS HER ALL OVER THE COUNTRY AND ... AND ... IT'S REALLY AWESOME GUYS, TRUST ME.See what I mean?But ... okay. I'll try to explain.The way this book is written is just pure genius. First of all, the way Nabakov manipulates language is so great; there's a lot of dark humor in the book, a lot of clever use of puns ... I can't really put it into words because you just have to read it, but it's really great.And just like he is able to cleverly manipulate language, our narrator––Humbert Humbert––is also able to manipulate the reader's mind. I mean ... throughout the book it was hard for me to decide whether I loved him or hated him. You're probably like, "Brigid ... he's a pedophile and a kidnapper. How could you love him?" Well no, I don't love him as a person. As a person, he's super disgusting. But as a character, he's just so fascinating, and his narration is so great, and a;dlkfj;sljfsdl. I don't know, man. It's hard to justify my enjoyment of this book without feeling like I'm digging myself into some deep hole. Obviously, the subject matter of this book is controversial and will make a majority of readers very uncomfortable. And yeah, the whole thing is very uncomfortable, understandably. But it's also genius how Nabakov unfolds the story, how he makes Humbert Humbert so convincing and almost sympathetic. Most authors wouldn't dare to create such a narrator ... especially because we tend to think of criminals of any kind as being "other" than us, so it's so difficult to even try to get into such a person's mind. But, Nabakov does a pretty convincing job.So yeah. I really like this book. Even though it's about a pedophile. I really don't know what else to say. YAAAAAAY.