Hallowed - Cynthia Hand Hi, Goodreads. Please bear with me while I slowly make my way through my to-review pile. Ugh, I'm so behind. But, I'm getting there. So, it's been more than two months since I finished this so I'm sure a lot of details are escaping me. I ought to stop putting off reviews for so long, because then they just end up being super lame. But anyway! I'll try to remember everything about this book and put all the thoughts I remember having into words. Errm.I'm usually not the biggest fan of paranormal romance. Books of this genre tend to follow a specific formula and end up being super annoying and/or predictable. What I really like about the Unearthly books is that they actually stray from the usual formula and surprise me in a lot of ways. When I started the first book, I went into it thinking I wouldn't like it––and I didn't, for the first half of the book or so. But then suddenly, things were totally not going where I expected them to ... suddenly, I was totally addicted. Suddenly, the book was just blowing my mind. And at the end I was just like:Thus, I picked up the second book with high expectations. And, it did not disappoint. I thought it was just as addicting as the first book, with more plot twists I didn't expect. Not only that, but it was surprisingly depressing. I stayed up until about 2 AM finishing it, and at the end I felt like:I mean, wow. The ending was just heartbreaking as hell. And all of the book leading up to that, I knew how it was going to end and it still didn't make it any less horrible. Plus this tragic ending had some really great, memorable details in it. I can't really say what I mean without spoiling the ending for those of you who haven't read this––just that it felt very realistic to me, which made it all the more saddening.For those of you who have read it: I thought it was so great how Clara really had to pee while her mom was dying. And she was like, "Damn I really have to pee, but what if my mom dies while I'm in the bathroom?" I know, it sounds like a weird thing to be fangirling over. But like, that never happens in books ever, especially during intense parts. No one's ever like, "The enemies are after me! And SHIIIT I really gotta piss!" So, I just loved that little detail because it made the whole situation feel a little more authentic. I'd also like to add that Clara's mom was such a fucking badass and I'm really going to miss her. Oh man, she was just so cool. I can't.... GAHH. Basically, I thought Cynthia handled the subjects of tragedy and grief quite well, and it really hit home. I feel like such serious subjects aren't as typically addressed in paranormal romance, so it was good to see it done in a paranormal romance novel and actually done well.Then, of course, there was the actual romance aspect. Guaahhhh. Well, after the first book ended, I was pretty sure there was some kind of love triangle coming. I'm not often a huge fan of love triangles, although I appreciated that Cynthia Hand hadn't jumped right into the love triangle right in the first book––especially because I felt that Clara didn't really know Christian very well yet. Anyway, I wasn't sure how it would play out in the second book. But over all, I thought Ms. Hand did a good job with it and didn't go overboard.First of all, we got to know Christian a lot better in this book than we did in the first book. I liked that he and Clara actually spent time getting to know each other––just as Clara spent a lot of time getting to know Tucker in the first book. In book one, I had thought Christian was kind of boring––which was part of why I was praying there wouldn't be a love triangle. But, in this second book, I was surprised by how much I started to like him. He turned out to be a pretty cool guy. And ... I'm actually a bit torn about who Clara should be with.I don't know ... I mean, I love Tucker and he's so sweet and everything. And. Yeah. But Christian is also cool, and obviously he relates to Clara in some ways that Tucker can't. So, I don't really know where this is headed, but I'm quite intrigued. I don't often feel too strongly about such things, but I do care about this romance and how it turns out!There were only a couple little things that bothered me. Well okay, actually I can only remember one of them. But, it's kind of a big spoiler. I was kind of pissed that Clara's father also turned out to be an angel. I liked it that Clara was supposedly only a quarter angel or something. It's so clichéd in fantasy/paranormal books that the main character is like, the most powerful type of whatever creature he/she is. So, I thought it was an original aspect of the story that she wasn't the most special type of angel. But noooo she had to turn out to be the most powerful kind of angel there is! Even more powerful than Angela––haha, suck on it Angela! So yeah, that part irked me. But that's about the only thing I can remember really bothering me.Over all, I thought this was a very strong second installment where the romantic and emotional aspects were both handled really well, where the characters developed nicely, etc. I'm excited for the third (and final) book! AAHHHHH.