The Sign of Four -  Arthur Conan Doyle Actual rating: 4.5 starsWell, I'm trying to write like a billion reviews today, plus I already talked a lot about why I loved these books in my review of A Study in Scarlet, so ... I'll keep this relatively brief.The second Sherlock Holmes novel deals with a complex plot involving the East India Company, stolen treasure, and a secret pact between four convicts, among other things. We are also introduced to Mary Morstan, who ends up marrying Watson. In addition, we are also introduced to Holmes's addiction to cocaine. YAY!I read this in August and it's December now so it's been errrm ... four months. OOPS. And unfortunately, I don't seem to have taken any notes while I was reading this so I'm probably forgetting a lot of what I was going to say about this book.But anyway, I know that I found it just as compelling and addicting as the first book. The plot was just as complicated, but it was generally easier to follow than A Study in Scarlet (which randomly switched from one plot to another halfway through the book). Sherlock is kind of insane but also awesome and sexy. Watson is adorable but also badass and sexy. So yeah. BEST FRIENDS FOREVERZ:(Oh yeah, and I'm a big fan of the BBC show, in case you couldn't tell.)As far as I can recall, the only thing that kind of bothered me about this book was the relationship between Watson and Mary (and no, it's not because I ship Johnlock, because I don't ... haha). It just didn't seem believable to me. They spoke to each other like three times and then at the end it was like "OH YES, WE'RE MADLY IN LOVE. LET'S GET MARRIED STRAIGHTAWAY." It was just like ... Okay then ... ? But altogether, good stuff. WOOHOO, SHERLOCK.