Hades - Alexandra Adornetto Um. I might just have to read this because it sounds so dang ridiculous. When I read the words "tricked into a motorcycle ride to Hell" ... I had a hysterical laughing fit. And I enjoyed writing my ranting review for Halo. So, maybe it's worth it just to read it and ... well ... do what I do to ridiculous books. *Edit* Okay, the description of the plot is now more detailed. Soooo, they accidentally summon Jake through a seánce? And then he tricks Bethany into taking a motorcycle ride ... ? What? Right now I'm like, picturing Jake popping out of a Ouija board and being like, "HEY BETH, WANNA TAKE A RIDE ON MY MOTORCYCLE IF-YOU-KNOW-WHAT-I-MEAN?" And she's just like, "Ummm. OKAY!" And then, "one night with him" and he'll release her? WHOA. WHAT'S THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN? Judging by the picture of her looking almost-naked and with a chain around her ankle in the book trailer, I'm guessing WEIRD SEX GAMES. AWESOME. Oh, and then he tells Xavier that Bethany is dead. New Moon, much? Ack. Well. I'm getting increasingly and weirdly excited to read this. It sounds like a beautiful disaster waiting to happen.