Catherine - April Lindner Sorry, but ... I don't think so. I was not a fan of what April Lindner did with Jane Eyre in [b:Jane|7826117|Jane|April Lindner||10876370]. So, her retelling of Wuthering Heights?I haven't even read Wuthering Heights yet. But, you know what ... In general, I tend to dislike people trying to re-interpret classic books in a modern-day setting. (The one exception I can think of is the movie "Clueless" but ... yeah, I think that's about it.) And I don't count things like fairytale/myth retellings because those tend to have various versions and be more open to interpretation, etc. and I do like those.The point is, when someone retells a whole book it kind of feels like cheating to me ... it's sort of just like fanfiction or something, except there's not as many legal issues since it's public domain or whatever.If an author does it once ... okay, fine. Maybe I can excuse that. But I'd rather see new ideas rather than see books that have already been written. I'd much rather stick to the originals––since they tend to make a lot more sense in their own time period, anyway. I didn't think [b:Jane|7826117|Jane|April Lindner||10876370] was terrible, but I had a lot of believability issues with it in a modern setting.So, yeah. The point is, I'll be passing on this one.