Death Cloud - Andrew Lane I'm just going to get this review out of the way, because I have a lot of reviews to do and not much to say about this book.Essentially, Death Cloud is the first book in a series about a teenage Sherlock Holmes. According to the original cover of this book, he looked a lot like Justin Bieber in his youth:...Basically, J. Biebs Sherlock Holmes is trying to solve a mystery in this book involving a mysterious cloud that has been descending on people and leaving them dead with creepy boils all over their bodies. Along the way he befriends a boy named Matty and a girl named Virginia.Wait, Sherlock Holmes? Friends?Sorry, sorry. I couldn't resist. Anyway, this book wasn't all bad. I could tell that Andy Lane was at least familiar with the original Sherlock Holmes stories and had put thought into how to tell a Sherlock Holmes story for a younger audience. It was also clear that he'd done a lot of historical research––although sometimes this was conveyed through info-dumps, which got on my nerves. Also, I liked the friendship between Sherlock and Matty in particular.However, I still had a lot of trouble getting through this book. I ranted about this in another review recently, but I'm just not a big fan of authors trying to re-interpret or re-tell classic books. At least Lane came up with an original plot for this one, but it still kind of felt like fanfiction to me or something. And I couldn't help but compare it to the actual Sherlock Holmes books and ... well, it just wasn't nearly as good.I also just had trouble imagining Sherlock Holmes as a teenager and having a love interest and things like that. I mean, obviously at one point in his life Sherlock Holmes would have been a teenager, but I just found it really weird to think about.Plus I admit, I have trouble reading about Sherlock and not picturing Benedict Cumberbatch.Meh heh heh.Well anyhow, over all this was just "MEHHHH" for me. It wasn't the most terrible thing ever, but it just didn't make me ... feel anything. All it made me want to do was read more of the original stories. So, that's about all I have to say.