Hidden - Kristin Cast, P.C. Cast So yeah, I'm not going to read this. I admit, part of me feels a little weird and almost sad at the thought of there being a House of Night book out in the world that I'm not reading ... Haha wait, who am I kidding? I'm glad I decided not to put myself through the torture anymore. I mean, I had my fun snarking about the first 8.25 books (I finally just gave up about a fourth of the way through the 9th book). But I mean, 10 books? Come on. And there's supposed to be, what, 15 total? Oy vey. Eh, yeah right. The Casts wouldn't stop even if a Stop sign hit them in the face. ... Because I mean, these books are still bestsellers. So, whatever.So yeah, I was still curious to find out what happens in book number five hundred ten. I looked it up on Wikipedia.Honestly, I couldn't even get through the first two paragraphs of plot summary without getting a headache. Thus, I've come to realize that I'm not even curious what happens in these books anymore. Not even for the lulz. It's just ... not funny. It's not funny anymore. Joke's over, right?Oh yeah, also apparently two cats die at the very beginning of this book. WHAT. I thought the Casts were horrible enough, and now they're killing innocent kitties in their books ... THAT IS NOT COOL. All right. Okay. Whatever.