Cobwebs - Karen Romano Young *sighs* I couldn't finish this––and it's not even that long. I just don't want to bother. I got like halfway through it, waiting for something interesting to happen, and nothing did. Maybe I'll pick it back up eventually, since I bought it and all ... but I don't feel particularly compelled to do so.Original enough? I guess. But it's one of those books that tries a little too hard to be "quirky", and it just ends up being a jumbled mess. Like, if you asked me to describe what this book is about I couldn't really tell you. There's a girl … and she sees this guy lurking around all the time ... and he's part spider? Maybe he's SPIDERMANNNN! Yeah, I dunno. There just isn't a plot, really. The main character is bland, and all the other characters are cut-outs: quirky parents, quirky grandparents, quirky (black!) best friend, etc. The writing isn't very interesting, either.… Meh.