Fifty Shades of Grey, Inner Goddess: A Journal - E.L. James This can't be serious. Please, someone tell me this is a joke. Inner Goddess Journal features a foreword by E L James, memorable excerpts from the novels, tips for writers, a writing playlist, elegant color artwork, and fully lined pages throughout.Memorable excerpts? I mean, if you must, you could just read the freaking book.Writing playlist? Uh ... that's what blogs are for.Elegant color artwork and fully lined pages: Oh boy! Tips for writers: ...TIPS FOR WRITERS.TIPS FOR WRITERS.I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I mean ... I can only imagine."Dear reader, if you want to be a bestselling author like me, all you have to do is take a popular Young Adult novel and morph it into an adult BDSM fanfiction where you blatantly rip off the original but just change all the characters' names. Oh, and make sure to follow every single sentence with, 'Holy shit!', 'Holy fuck!', 'Holy crap!', or 'Oh my!'" But hey! It worked for her and now she has a crapload of money. So ... yeah. Great."Perfect for gift-giving and portability."Hey look what I got you for Christmas, Grandma!Also ... aren't most books "perfect for portability"? I mean, that's kind of the point, unless it's a freaking dictionary or something.UNIT AUTOMATICALLY BECOMES PORTABLE WHEN CARRIED.