Radiant - Cynthia Hand Hello, lovely Goodreadians! I should be doing homework, but I'm going to review this novella instead. It hopefully shouldn't be too long, since ... well, it's a novella and therefore it isn't a very long book.This is one of those little ebook novella-thingies that authors write between books in a series so that they can pay for their vacation homes or whatever. In this case, it's a part of the Unearthly trilogy by Cynthia Hand, and takes place between the second and third books.The story is about Clara and Angela going off to Italy for the summer to get their minds off of all the stressful angel stuff, the recent death of Clara's mother, etc. Of course, it's not that easy. And soon Clara finds out that Angela is romantically involved with a mysterious angel named Phen. What I liked most about this novella is that we get to see from Angela's point of view. She's one of my favorite characters from the series, and it was interesting to experience her narration. We get to find out some new things about her, too (like that her first kiss was with Christian ... WHAAAT).In general, it was also just interesting to see the characters in a new setting and temporarily away from the main plot of the series. After reading the third book, I can say that it's not absolutely necessary to read this one in between the second and third books. However, the third book does reference it a few times, and it might help to read this just so you get a better idea of what the characters are talking about. But, it's not 100% needed.The one thing that bothered me about this novella was the slut shaming.EXHIBIT A:She looks thoughtful. "I thought you had a boyfriend, though. In Italy, I mean. Didn't you?"Like she doesn't already know that this is a subject I don't talk about. But I'm a decent actress when the situation calls for it. I grew up in a theater, after all. So it's not too hard to play the slut card.EXHIBIT B:He told me that she'd invited him inside and boldly tried to seduce him, and I tried to act like the image of this jewel-bedecked Italian broad running her slutty hands all over him didn't bother me.But other than that, I found it to be a quick and fun read.