The Disaster Artist: My Life Inside The Room, the Greatest Bad Movie Ever Made - Greg Sestero, Tom Bissell Update (6/18/13): OMG there's a cover. It's beautimous. Also WHAT'S THIS? A GIVEAWAY? Oh please let me win a copy of this. That would make my life.----------Okay, I am such a nerd for The Room that I've known about this book for months. I really can't wait. And it comes out on my birthday, too. FUCK YES. Ah, The Room. Such a glorious piece of cinema.If you haven't seen this movie, just ... watch it. There is nothing like it. Is it the "Greatest Bad Movie Ever Made"? Hmm well I don't know about that. It's hard to rival the equally wonderful "Troll 2." Anyway, I'm very curious to see what Greg Sestero has to say about this movie ... especially because everything Tommy Wiseau says about the movie is impossible to understand. Mostly all he says about it are things like this:And he totally avoids answering any questions about it. So yeah.HOORAY, MARK.At the end of this book I will probably say:Haha okay, I'm done now.