Die for Me - Amy Plum Well, this is a tough one. I'm not sure where to begin. Over all, I liked the concept ... but I wished the plot and characters had been more original.Okay, here's the story.Kate and her older sister Georgia move to Paris after their parents' death, to live with their grandparents. Georgia is the partygoing type who is hardly ever around, while Kate is the quiet type who likes to sit around reading all day.Then Kate stumbles upon the sexy Vincent and his group of mysterious friends, who turn out to be a type of mystical being called Revenants. A Revenant died in place of someone else. Not everyone who dies saving a life become a Revenant; there's not much of an explanation as to why. It's just luck, apparently. Some people who die this way become reborn as Revenants, and then must devote their existence to saving people ... and dying over and over again. Every time they "die", they're in a coma for three days and then come back again. Not so bad, eh? Except they also have enemies called the Numa who want to kill them and are always chasing after them with swords ... Yada yada. You get the idea. The problem with saving people is that Revenants can become obsessed with the people they save. So, predictably, Vincent becomes obsessed with Kate. He's a badass and she's a goody-two-shoes, so ... you know ... forbidden romance.Anyway, this was a quick and enjoyable read. It's not like I expected it to be really deep or anything, so it's not like it was a disappointment. If you're looking for a beach read or something, there's no harm in reading it. It's an exciting book.I also liked the idea of Revenants. In the modern world of vampire/werewolf/faerie/angel romances, at least this one had an original and refreshing concept. So, the premise intrigued me.However, I thought it could have been executed better. If, say, the main character had actually been a Revenant, that would have been interesting. But, no. Stereotypical paranormal romance.Kate is the typical tag-along female lead who doesn't really do anything besides swoon over the male lead, and watch on the sidelines during all the violence. The only time she did anything remotely kickass in the whole book, she was possessed––so, that doesn't really count. Vincent wasn't much more interesting. He's the "I'm too dangerous for you" type. I think that's enough said.Also, the writing wasn't great. It was very tell-y. Plum writes over and over how Vincent has a "sexy smile" and that his body is "perfect." Guh. One other minor thing that bugged me ... at one point, they had Thanksgiving vacation. In France. But ... THEY LIVE IN FRANCE! THERE IS NO THANKSGIVING IN FRANCE! So, that was a bit of a glaring error, even if it's not that important.I think that's about all I have to say. To sum it up, it was fun enough to read, but I didn't find it particularly memorable and I probably won't bother to read the sequels.