Blood Magic - Tessa Gratton Hello, people. I like writing in bold letters because it is fun. You know what else is fun? Reading book reviews ... like this one!*Ah-hem* Anyway. Hello. It's almost 1 AM and I feel strangely perky. But knowing me, I will probably randomly conk out any minute. And for some reason, I always think it will take me such a short amount of time to write a book review even though it always takes me ages. But, oh well.I'll start off by saying, I had mixed feelings about this book.The first time I stumbled upon it here on Goodreads, I said to myself, "Hey, that book has a pretty cool cover. And it sounds decent. So I might give it a shot." Then I saw a live author chat with Tessa Gratton and a few other authors, and Tessa seemed like a really cool person. Plus she's friends with Maggie Stiefvater, so that makes her made-of-awesome in my book. So I said, "Yeah! I think I'll read this!"And so, I did.Blood Magic follows two teenage main characters: Silla and Nick. Silla's life sucks because her parents are dead. Not long ago, she found the mangled bodies of her parents in their study, and police came to the conclusion that her father killed her mother and then himself. But Silla has never believed it, even though her father did seem a bit crazy at times. Nick's life also sucks because his mother is also dead, and his father has married a woman he hates. What do these two angsty teens have in common (besides being angsty)? Well, Silla's dad and Nick's mom both happened to be into doing magic ... with blood. (SHOCKING!) Nick sees Silla in a graveyard one night (because that's where he likes to go on his angsty walks), doing some of this blood magic to bring a leaf back to life. Then the two of them also get involved with the school production of Macbeth, and are soon inseparable.What follows is a lot of creeptastic events involving a spell book, a creepy lady who possesses people, a lot of crows, and a lot of ... well, blood. (Betcha didn't see that one coming!)That about sums up the plot. I won't go into much detail on that. I'm tired and I want to sleep, so MEH. So, first for the things that bugged me ...This book was told in three points of view: Silla's, Nick's, and "the creepy lady who possesses people" also known as Josephine. Don't get me wrong, I love books with multiple points of view––as long as it's pulled off well, which is difficult to do. The main problem I had here was that Nick and Silla didn't have very distinct voices. I kept forgetting who was "talking" and having to go back a few pages to figure it out. Josephine's perspective was interesting, but it was written in this horrible cursive font that made my head explode.The other major thing that bugged me was Nick and Silla's relationship. It just didn't develop much. At all. The first time he sees her, he comments on how "hot" she is. And before you know it, they're dating! Surprise, surprise. When the two main characters get together on like page 40 ... I normally just don't dig that. Because then you know that, for the rest of the book, they're going to be staring deeply into each other's eyes, and confessing their feelings, and making out with each other ... and in most cases, it doesn't work for me. Yes, there are exceptions, but this book wasn't one of them. I couldn't get myself to believe Nick and Silla were really in love. Not only that, but I was turned off by Nick calling Silla "babe" all the time. It was so ... odd. First of all, I don't care much for that term. It seems so belittling. And even so, I feel like you should date someone for at least a few months before you start calling him/her "babe" ... not, like, two weeks. It struck me as strange, and took away from my liking of their relationship. I like it better when the two main characters are bickering the whole book and save the mushy-gushy stuff for the very end. Also, there was too much sacrificing of cute fuzzy animals for my liking, such as a kitten and a bunny rabbit. I know, it's such a minor thing, but ... the sacrifice of adorable animals doesn't really tickle my fancy. Now, for the things I did like.The story was definitely creepy. It wasn't over-the-top-horror-movie type scary, but it was enough to make me bite my nails at times. So if you like a good scary ghost story, you should check this out.I also liked the references to Macbeth. 'Tis my favorite Shakespeare play (of the ones I've read, anyway)! And it inspired me to write one of my books, so Tessa Gratton and I have that in common. And ... THERE WAS A REFERENCE TO SHIVER IN IT. OMG. Well, actually more of a reference to Linger, but ... whatevs. Nick's favorite band is NARKOTIKA. Haha! I kinda flipped out. Anyway, I thought that was cute. My writer friends and I also sometimes give each other's characters cameos in our stories. So, it's cool to know that published authors do that as well. ;) I think Cassandra Clare and Holly Black do that too. And Sarah Dessen's characters make cameos in each other's books. But anyway, I'm getting off-subject now.Over all, this is an okay read. It's a creepy story with an interesting concept. But for me, the characters weren't strong enough to make me want to continue with the series. As a stand-alone though, it was still entertaining.