Matched - Ally Condie Hmm. I was not so crazy about this one. It was alright, just a little ... bland, I guess?Here's my main problem with it: Right before I read this book, I read Delirium by Lauren Oliver. I don't know which one came out first, but they have very similar plots. 1) Dystopian society in which everyone's fates are planned for them. 2) Main character is a teenage girl. 3) Girl is supposed to marry a boring guy. 4) Girl falls for another, rebellious guy instead.Each has its own original aspects, but they both have the same general plot; understandably, I can't help but draw comparisons between the two, and Matched was not the winner.Don't get me wrong––it's not a bad book. And if you are eagerly gobbling up all the books in the current dystopian craze (thank you, Hunger Games *grumbles*) you'll probably like this. I liked some aspects of it (like the thing where everyone has three pills ... I'm too tired to explain it, but if you've read it you know what I mean. That was a cool idea.) Also, the writing was pretty decent. But personally, I don't think I liked it enough to pick up the sequel. First of all, I didn't like the main character very much. She didn't really do anything to make me hate her, but she was just ... boring, not too-perfect but not flawed enough either. Actually, I didn't think any of the characters were extremely compelling. Ky was the coolest character, but even so I thought he was kind of a stereotypical sensitive-emo-guy-with-a-tortured-past (and he writes POETRY!)And as for the plot, it wasn't terribly original. While I was able to see past the lack of originality in Delirium (since the characters, writing, and romance were more compelling), I had difficulty doing so for Matched because the plot wasn't very exciting. It got more interesting towards the end, but the bulk of it was pretty repetitive ... Mostly just Ky and Cassia walking through the woods and not doing much of anything. At least I give Ally Condie props for not rushing the romance too much. In a lot of romance books (especially nowadays) the two main characters just pounce on each other within the first 50 pages (because they're SOULMAAAATES! SO DAMN CREDIBILITY!) and are inseparable for the rest of the book. So at least Condie develops the relationship between Ky and Cassia, and makes the reader wait for the kissing and whatnot ...Kind of hated the ending ... Like, "HAHA WE SET UP THE WHOLE THING." Seemed rather far-fetched to me. Blah.Well, in the end, I don't think it's a must-read but at least it was somewhat entertaining.