Scarlet - Marissa Meyer Me after reading this book:When I finished it, all I could do was sit there making whale noises and flail around. I mean ... DAMN. I loved this book. Maybe it was because I read a few rather disappointing books before I read it, but it just felt like a giant ray of sunshine in my life.I read Cinder about a year ago and it was a very pleasant surprise for me. I was like, "Cyborg Cinderella? Pffft … dumb." But then I heard it was actually good so I was like, "What the heck. I'll read it for the lulz." And then once I started it, I found that I couldn't put it down. And when I got to the end I was just like, "NO DAMN IT, THAT CAN'T BE IT."So of course, I was looking forward to reading the sequel, but I was also a bit nervous about it. I knew it was going to involve another story (a retelling of Red Riding Hood), which I thought was cool and all, but it made me worry that Cinder wasn't going to be in the story or that she'd only be a minor character. And I wasn't sure how Marissa Meyer planned on tying the two storylines together. But ultimately, I thought it worked really well. Scarlet's story begins, but Cinder is still there, and the two stories are treated with equal importance as they gradually merge together. I really liked the characters that were added in this book. I don't like Scarlet as much as I like Cinder (and I love Cinder by the way … oh man, she's such a badass), and she comes off as a little whiny sometimes, but over all she was still pretty cool. I thought Wolf was pretty awesome also, and he's pretty adorbs. I guess I'm a little confused about him after the whole kind-of-betrayal thing, but in the end he turned out to be good, so okay I still like him. And then Thorne … THORNE. OH MY GOD. He's just so great. I just love them arrogant sarcastic assholes who are actually good people inside. Yes. They are wonderful. Thorne is just super hilarious and wonderful and … I adore him. He's probably my favorite character in the series, as of now. I think the plot was handled very well in this book, too. It could have gotten confusing with the two stories going on at once, but I thought it was well-executed and I was equally invested in both plots, and it was cool how they came together bit by bit. The whole thing was very exciting and I found it almost impossible to put down. I'm a little concerned about how this series is going to turn out by the end. If I understand correctly, there's going to be two more books in the series––one about Rapunzel and one about Snow White. So, by the fourth book that's going to be like … four stories going on at once. Well okay, maybe not, since I'm kind of assuming at the end of each book the characters are all just going to join into one big group. But still, that will be a lot of characters to handle. I'll just hope that Marissa Meyer will continue to be good at combining all those stories/characters and giving them equal attention.Otherwise, I don't think I really have much else to say. I really enjoyed reading this book, and I could see this becoming one of my favorite series. It's very different from any other fairytale retellings I've read.