Behemoth - Scott Westerfeld, Keith Thompson Tra la la la la. Well, I honestly don't have much to say. I feel like I've probably exhausted the whole "OMG I LOVE SCOTT WESTERFELD AND EVERYTHING HE WRITES" thing, but *shrugs* OMG I LOVE SCOTT WESTERFELD AND EVERYTHING HE WRITES. I can't say that this series is my favorite of his … I still love Uglies and Midnighters the best. Although, I think these books have the most effective use of world building. (Of course, the world building in Uglies is amazing, too.) I love the idea of this alternate WWI setting. The world is very vivid and the illustrations really help to make it clear to picture. The visuals would be delicious if this was ever a movie … Mmmm. Anyway! The characters are also quite likable, the writing is good. Oh, I don't know. I LOVE IT. WHAT MORE IS THERE TO SAY?