The Otherworldlies - Jennifer Anne Kogler I noticed my old review was rather lame and lacked capitalization/spelling/punctuation/etc. so I'm just going to edit it a bit. Hooray.Well, I can tell you now that a couple years after reading this, I barely remember a thing about it except for that I didn't enjoy it. I remember reading most of it in one sitting. At some point I decided it was too boring so I kind of skimmed about 3/4 of it.Basically, this book couldn't seem to decide whether it wanted to be a rip-off of Percy Jackson or another crappy vampire book, so it was a cross between the two. I started off reading it thinking, "Okay, Percy Jackson rip-off ..." because the main character has control over water and everyone was calling her a "Poseidon." But then out of nowhere, they're telling her, "YOU'RE A VAMPIRE!" And then they claimed that the Greek gods were vampires. Yeah ... NO. NO. JUST NO.I found no point in the main character being defined as a "vampire," except possibly to attract more readers. She didn't even eat people, or have any vampire-like qualities––just some teleporting powers and she could control water. It was like the author wanted it to be Percy Jackson but didn't want it to be too obvious that it was a rip-off, and so passed off these people descended from the Greek gods as "vampires", which didn't make sense to me. I just ... totally didn't get it. at all.