Pay It Forward - Catherine Ryan Hyde Ugh. I have a problem with these overly-corny "the innocent little child softens the hearts of all the mean people" kind of books. It was like a slightly more modern, more depressing version of Pollyanna (which I also hated...), only with a boy of course.I actually liked the basic idea; it could have been a cute, sweet story. I started it, thinking, "This has the potential to be good. But I have this feeling that it's going to have one of those depressing, 'touching, inspirational' kind of endings where the kid dies."Now, I thought, some authors are creative. Some authors are geniuses, who can write a happy book that is still interesting.Obviously, the author of this book was not one of those authors. And this book wasn't at all happy OR interesting.I mean, the cute little fourteen-year-old kid gets STABBED?? WHAT?! That is so dumb! Sad, but dumb. And honestly, I didn't feel the least bit sad reading it. I had no sympathy for the annoying characters. It could have been a feel-good, inspirational story, but in the end it was totally predictable and cliché, and the writing was nothing original. Barf. Hated it.